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The Common Representative Intermediates (CRI) mechanism, version 2 (CRI v2), is a reduced mechanism describing ozone formation from the tropospheric degradation of methane and 115 emitted non-methane hydrocarbons and oxygenated volatile organic compounds. It was been developed using the Master Chemical Mechanism version 3.1 (MCM v3.1) as a reference benchmark (see construction methodolgy for more details)

Note: The mechanism available at the current site is denoted CRI v2.1. This possesses the same reaction set as CRI v2, but has undergone some common rate coefficient revisions in parallel with those in the MCM v3.1 to v3.2 transition

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Construction methodology

Detailed information about methods applied to CRI development and reduction.

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Select your own list of primary species and extract a complete mechanism for them. Mechanisms can be viewed as HTML or exported in a format compatible with the FACSIMILE integrator. Help


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